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Most used commands ( Useful Rails Commands  BashA-Z ):

 rails new (1.1)11.  rails db:migrate:reset(1.1)21.
 rails server (1.2)12.  rails db:rollback22. gem install
 rails console (1.4)13.  rails about23. awk
 rails generate controller (1.3)14.  rails test24. tar
 rails generate model (1.3)15.  rails –help25. man
 rails generate scaffold (1.3)16.  rails –tasks26. free
 rails destroy (1.7)17.  rails routes27. ps
 rails generate migration (2.2)18.  rails dbconsole28. kill
 rails db:migrate (4)19.  bundle29. curl
 rails db:reset (4.3)20.  bundle update30. sudo


$ tree app/views/

<% @array_cuttings = array.take(number_of_members) %>

Books contents

  1. Ruby on Rails Tutoriall: Learn Web Development with Rails /1/
    Ch 1: From zero to deploy
    Ch 2: A toy app
    Ch 3: Mostly static pages
    Ch 4: Rails-flavored Ruby
    Ch 5: Filling in the layout
    Ch 6: Modeling users
    Ch 7: Sign up
    Ch 8: Basic login
    Ch 9: Advanced login
    Ch 10: Updating, showing, and deleting users
    Ch 11: Account activation
    Ch 12: Password reset
    Ch 13: User microposts
    Ch 14: Following users

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Rails Snippets Git Rails hosting PuTTy