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ColorSystem AdobeColor

MaterialDesin (usage and palettes, theme creation, primary/secondary colors)
AdobeColor (color-wheel; colors: analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary, compound, shades, custom)
HTMLColorCodes (pick colors from image)   ColorHex (palettes, colors)    ColorsCo (palettes)   snookCa (contrast checker)   MaterialDesignColors (palettes, icons, colors)   BrandsColors (brands palettes)   TigerColor (theory, color harmonies)   ColorWheel (color schemes, color meaning)   WikipediaColorList (A-F G–M i N–Z)   Paletton (color palette, color schemes)   W3Schools (color names)   MeyerEric (color blender)   ColorZilla (gradient editor)   ColorLovers (palettes, paterns)   ColorBrewer (color schemes, advice for cartography)   ColorsLive (painting image gallery)   WikipediaColor (theory, link)   ColorMatters (miscellaneous) schemer)

Google: collor usage and palette

Choosing appropriate site colors (communicate ideas, evoke emotions, psychological messages):
(a) primary color is the design’s main color,
(b) secondary color is often complementary to the primary.

Books contents

HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites /1/, p. 264-298

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